Amino & Phenix Revolutionize Real-Time Video Streaming in Retail Betting Shops & Sports Venues

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Amino. This collaboration brings together Amino's cutting-edge H200 4K media player and Phenix's real-time video streaming platform, which has a proven track record of delivering real-time video streams with less than ½ second delay to over 500,000 concurrent viewers.

Bill Wishon, Chief Product Officer at Phenix said: “Partnering with Amino gives us a reliable, high quality, and feature-rich solution to offer our customers that require a managed on-site deployment for in-venue experiences. We’re excited about the new market opportunities that this collaboration provides. 


By integrating the Amino H200 and Phenix platforms, we complement Phenix’s ultra-low latency video streaming with Amino’s high availability, secure media players and the Orchestrate management platform to create a solution tailored for in-venue streaming at sports events and entertainment venues, retail betting shops and casinos where real-time information is crucial.

Jonny McKee, VP of Product Management at Amino said: “The partnership between Amino and Phenix brings together industry leaders in IP video distribution and low latency video respectively, giving our customers access to the latest innovations in real-time video streaming experiences.  Providing a robust, secure managed media player  for our customer’s venues is a key goal for Amino and now with Phenix we can offer this with the next level of ultra low latency video delivery.”


One of the most remarkable features of the Amino/Phenix solution is its seamless integration with digital signage CMS applications running on the Amino H200 media player and controlled by the Amino Orchestrate platform. This integration allows for the dynamic management of point-of-service environments within stadiums, retail betting shops, and sports bars to fully leverage the potential of this technology. 


Combining Amino with Phenix's live video streaming solution keeps your viewers ahead of the game and in sync with other fans worldwide. Whatever establishment you own, your patrons will feel like they are right in the moment, experiencing the action as it happens. If you're providing the content, you can ensure a real-time viewing experience for patrons with the remote management and monitoring features of Amino and Phenix. Say goodbye to disjointed viewing experiences caused by latency and drift.