Are You Ready for Real-Time?!

When bringing ground-breaking projects to market, it’s important to mitigate your risks wherever possible.

That’s why Phenix started the Real-Time ReadyTM partnership program.

Real-Time Ready™ is a collective of technology providers with deep expertise in real-time video delivery who’ve vetted each other’s platforms for reliability, performance, and interoperability.  In addition, all technology teams are deeply familiar with each other’s products and have established relationships, making it faster and easier to integrate any combination of our combined services into your product vision.

With ecosystem partnerships underway for every aspect of the video delivery workflow – from Acquisition to Management to Consumption –  you can expect to hear more from us – and our partners – about the various ways we’re simplifying bringing broadcast-quality video to millions of viewers around the world with less than ½ second of live streaming delay.

From Nomad’s industry-leading CMS to Videon’s groundbreaking video edge computing platform to intelligent overlays powered by through to datazoom’s real-time analysis on playback, production, and delivery, we’re thrilled to kick-off this coalition of trailblazing companies so committed to activating the ways in which real-time video can create transformative viewing experiences.