Capturing Real-Time Content with Phenix and BirdDog

We're excited to enhance our signal acquisition capabilities with our partnership with BirdDog, part of our Real-Time ReadyTM ecosystem to streamline the capture and distribution of real-time video.

BirdDog creates devices and tools that capture, encode, and transform content. Their BirdDog Cloud solution provides extensive remote production capabilities with as little as two frames of latency.

"Built on the WebRTC streaming protocol, the Phenix platform offers significant enhancements like real-time transcoding for ABR delivery and global synchronization. Our collaboration with BirdDog streamlines the signal acquisition process, enabling content producers to deliver streams to large global audiences in real-time with ease," says Bill Wishon, Chief Product Officer at Phenix.

BirdDog Cameras can be used as a content source for Phenix using RTMP or SRT via BirdDog Cloud, or with a direct SDI connection to a Phenix Encoder.

To simplify streaming to Phenix, BirdDog has added preset encoder profiles to its BirdDog Cloud solution for contribution to the Phenix platform.


“With Phenix as a partner, BirdDog now provides a comprehensive solution for real-time video delivery through Phenix's private network of 34 global points of presence.”  - Dan Miall, CEO, BirdDog

For more information on configuring your BirdDog setup for contribution to Phenix, please see our documentation.