Cheltenham 2024 Sets More Records!

While other video streaming providers make claims about delivering real-time video at scale, Phenix is the only company that has consistently proven its ability to deliver broadcast-quality video streams to hundreds of thousands of viewers simultaneously. All while maintaining a live streaming delay of less than ½ second from the field of play to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Continuing our collaboration with Racecourse Media Group (“RMG”) and Stats Perform, Phenix once again provided a seamless video streaming experience without any interruptions, freezes, or buffering to hundreds of sportsbooks around the globe during the prestigious Cheltenham Festival in the U.K. last week.

Cheltenham is renowned as the pinnacle of the horse racing calendar in the U.K, a highly anticipated festival boasting seven exciting horse races each day over the span of four days: 28 races in all. This year, the Festival averaged ¼ million concurrent viewers and ½ million streams for each race - easily shattering records that Phenix previously set.

During the last four years of Phenix streaming the Cheltenham Festival, there has been a remarkable increase in the average number of concurrent viewers, soaring from 145,200 per race in 2020 to an impressive 309,542 per race in 2024. The total number of streams has also seen a significant increase, climbing from 6.5 million in 2020 to 17.8 million in 2024. These figures are truly extraordinary, especially considering the unprecedented feat of streaming to more than ¼ million concurrent viewers, let alone seven times a day for four consecutive days and encompassing a total of 28 thrilling races - something no other real-time streaming provider can handle.

The technology now exists to eliminate buffering delays and frustrating spoilers. Video streaming technology has evolved to deliver a flawless viewing experience, putting you right in the heart of the action – whether it's a race track, stadium, or arena. Now you can enjoy the thrill of live events in real-time, sharing the experience with friends just like you would with traditional television. But better.