Enhancing Live Video Engagement: Phenix Teams Up with Singular for Interactive Overlays

Phenix has teamed up with Singular (www.singular.live) to increase engagement and interactivity with custom, interactive overlays on top of Phenix's broadcast quality video delivered in less than a half-second anywhere in the world.

Singular's revolutionary live graphics, “Intelligent Overlays,” can now be paired with Phenix's real-time streams to provide professional-grade graphics to global audiences at broadcast scale. Intelligent Overlays can include interactive elements, animated graphics, and live data, and provide analytics tools to measure engagement.

With Singular's cloud-native tool, overlays can be created in minutes. Singular provides extensive tutorials and documentation to support creation of a wide range of user experiences such as: 

  • Branding
  • Scene transitions
  • Scoreboards
  • Social media links
  • Trivia and Quizzes
  • Live shopping

Singular provides the ability to track user activity and adapt in real time to user trends, allowing you to control the full user experience.

Adding overlays from Singular to real-time streams from Phenix is simple and straightforward. Render Intelligent Overlays on top of your Phenix video, add a Phenix video widget to your Singular composition, or combine the two. Render the overlay by adding a reference to the overlay to your site's source code, using the Singular player for an all-in-one solution, or using a tool such as OBS to render a "burned-in" (non-interactive) overlay.

We're looking forward to seeing what you create!


Andrew Heimbold, Singular.live CEO noted:

 “The combination of Singular’s powerful Intelligent Overlays integrated with the Phenix real-time video delivery platform creates a compelling solution for any scenario where real time video delivery, engagement, interactivity and scale are required. Sports, sports betting, live shopping, polling, quizzes and auctions are now a viable, scalable reality.”

Bill Wishon, Chief Product Officer at Phenix says:

“We're excited about incorporating Singular Live's powerful Intelligent Overlays on top of our broadcast-quality real-time video delivery. Their cutting-edge technology will enhance user engagement and interactivity, and drive revenue across sports, sports betting, live shopping and gaming.”


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