July Product Updates

As part of our ongoing commitment to make broadcast quality, real-time video delivery at scale as accessible as possible, Phenix has released the following enhancements to further improve our customers’ real-time video streaming workflows.

Picture-in-Picture for Mobile Apps   Phenix Encoder NDI Ingest

The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature enables users on iOS & Android devices to reduce the size of their video player and move the player around their screen. It also allows them to interact with other websites or applications while continuing to enjoy the video.


Phenix Encoders have recently introduced the capability to ingest content from NDI sources, allowing a wider range of devices to take advantage of its low-latency and high-reliability publishing to the Phenix cloud through the Phenix Interactive Transport Protocol (ITP).

Restreaming to social media   Geoblocking

Expand your reach and strengthen connection and engagement with your viewers by live streaming your content to popular live streaming social media channels like Facebook Live and YouTube.


Enforce licensing and distribution agreements down to the postal code with Phenix’s enhanced Geoblocking.

In addition to preventing or allowing viewing of specific streams by country, publishers can now define specific areas where viewers can and cannot view content by postal code.