Shouldn’t Live Sports Be…LIVE?

Over the years, Phenix has made continuous efforts to tackle the numerous challenges plaguing the video streaming industry.  Our aim is to provide fans with the opportunity to watch live sports as they unfold, in real-time.  While some may argue that real-time video streaming is only necessary when betting is involved, we strongly disagree. 

In today’s digital age, fans are increasingly engaging with their friends on social media and interacting directly with content through exciting activities like contests, trivia games, fantasy sports and more.  

We’ve made it our mission to address many of the obstacles that prevent fans from experiencing their favorite game or team as though they were physically present at the stadium, all while providing broadcasters and sports properties with an innovative way to stream their content in real-time, just as they’ve been doing with legacy HLS technology. 

At first, the issues were easy for us to solve: 

  • Latency - we deliver streams from the field of play to a user’s device in <½ second of delay, or latency -  ✔
  • Video quality - we deliver video in 1080p with 4K coming - ✔
  • Synchronous Viewing - with SyncWatch™ we deliver streams within 100 milliseconds, imperceptible to the human eye, so everyone sees the same content at the same time regardless of connection or location - ✔

Then we moved onto more challenging issues:

  • Scale - we're the ONLY real-time streaming provider who has proven scale to 500,000+ concurrent viewers - ✔
  • Coverage - with 34 Points of Presence (PoPs) that are connected by private fiber, we can deliver streams anywhere on the globe in less than ½ second- ✔

         Sidenote: each of PoPs can handle up to 1m concurrents so 34 million concurrents is easy for us to handle

Now, we’re about to launch two of our most important features: monetization and content protection:

  • Real-Time Digital Rights Management (DRM) - ✔
  • Real-Time Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) - ✔

Phenix was founded on the bold vision streaming the Olympics' opening ceremony in real-time to a billion people worldwide. Which is precisely why we’re so committed to tackling the industry’s long-standing issues head-on. There’s no reason for frustrating buffering or annoying lags and out-of-sync viewing experiences while watching a game.  Even worse, drop-outs and freezes.  

With our latest advancements, broadcasters and sports properties can safeguard their valuable content and effectively monetize it with highly personalized ads in real-time.  What’s more, fans from every corner of the world can engage in lively conversations, tweet, or text with their friends while watching the game at the same time, in real-time.