Migrating to Phenix from Twilio Programmable Video


Twilio's EOL announcement on December 5, 2023 sent shockwaves through the video streaming world when they revealed their decision to discontinue support for their Programmable Video product. This unexpected move left their customers searching for alternative solutions to meet their real-time video streaming needs.



Why use Phenix?

Twilio suggested the Zoom Video SDK as the recommended migration path, but this path comes with limitations. Users will be confined to Zoom's proprietary communication protocol, which only utilizes certain components of WebRTC, rather than the standard protocol itself.

On the other hand, Phenix SDKs offer a versatile toolkit for constructing personalized applications, leveraging Phenix's WebRTC-based video delivery platform. Our SDKs are compatible with native Android and iOS platforms, as well as web applications.

By harnessing the power of Phenix's scalability and adaptive bitrate technology, you can create innovative user experiences that encompass both scalable real-time media delivery and conferencing solutions, all within the same SDK.

Although several real-time video streaming platforms claim to have scalability, they usually mean "thousands" of concurrent viewers. Phenix, however, has proven experience scaling to accommodate thousands of channels and hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers on a regular basis.


Migrating to Phenix

At Phenix, our utmost priority is providing a seamless experience for our partners, ensuring your transition to Phenix is smooth and effortless.  

To assist you in this process, we've included links to our comprehensive documentation site for easy access to common functions. However, we understand that you may prefer a more personalized migration experience rather than navigating technical documentation on your own.

We're thrilled to offer customers who are switching from Twilio a complimentary onboarding experience and two months of free service.


Integrate Phenix SDKs into your Application

  1. Refer to Phenix Developer Documentation for guidance on a seamless integration of Phenix SDKs into your application.
  2. Whether you opt for your own customized system or choose a convenient off-the-shelf CMS, establish a seamless stream metadata management and token generation.
  3. Create an application that allows users to join rooms, mute or unmute their video and audio, and perform other actions as dictated by your design.
  4. If relevant, create a moderator interface that allows moderators to extend invitations to users, control their audio and video settings, and remove them from the room if necessary.


Manage events

Event workflows generally adhere to a consistent pattern, which can be summarized as follows:

    • Create a room using the Phenix Admin API, and create and publish to a channel if using a shared broadcast (e.g., for a watch party)

    • Invite users to join the room using a web browser, or a native application on an iOS or Android device.

    • Users interact with each other using the application

    • Users leave room when event is over

    • If VOD was enabled for the event, users can see recordings of the event.


To Sum It Up

Whether you're seeking a seamless migration from Twilio or exploring fresh avenues to distribute your content in real time, Phenix is your trusted partner. We're here to provide the assistance you need and ensure a smooth transition.


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