Unleash Real-Time Video at Scale with Phenix and Bitmovin

Phenix and Bitmovin join forces to deliver the ultimate solution for real-time video at scale! This powerful integration empowers you to seamlessly combine Phenix's industry-leading real-time video delivery with Bitmovin's best-in-class web player, ensuring exceptional video experiences for global audiences.

Phenix: Real-Time Delivery on Warp Speed

Phenix supercharges your live broadcasts and interactive video streams, delivering them to global audiences at scale with an ultra-low latency of under half a second. This unmatched speed, scale, and reliability are achieved through Phenix's robust, global infrastructure.


Bitmovin Web Player: Guaranteed Flawless Playback

Bitmovin's new Player Web X steps in as the perfect complement, with an open-source plugin system, giving integrators all the tools they need to guarantee crystal-clear playback on any web browser, regardless of device. Their industry-leading player enables you to deliver stunning quality video to your viewers, with unmatched performance in the market. 


Together: A Real-Time Video Powerhouse

This integration creates a dream team for real-time video experiences. Here's what you get:

  • Unmatched Speed and Scale: Deliver real-time video content globally with minimal latency thanks to Phenix's robust infrastructure.
  • Effortless Playback on Any Browser: Bitmovin's web player guarantees flawless video experiences on any web browser, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.
  • Flexible and Easy to Deploy: UnifiedAPIs combined with a plugin architecture for rapid video startup times and streamline integration.


Ready to Captivate Your Audience?

If you're already leveraging Bitmovin for video delivery, enabling Phenix real-time video streaming is a simple step to unlock a new era of interactive video possibilities. Together, they ignite your ability to captivate audiences worldwide with exceptional speed, quality, and scale.


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