LRT Drives Fan Engagement with Phenix

Lithuanian National Radio and Television is revolutionizing the way viewers engage with their content by levering Phenix's immersive multi-angle viewing experience.  By harnessing the power of real-time video streaming technology, previously only available at prestigious events like the Cheltenham Festival, SuperBowl, F1, and Indy500, they aim to enrich the viewing experience with next-gen interactivity.
Fans can now enjoy an immersive viewing experience during all home games throughout the season, conveniently accessible on the web, and within their iOS, and Android applications.  Phenix's multi-angle viewing experience features up to five perfectly synchronized camera angles, allowing viewers to delve into the action in real-time, choosing their preferred camera perspectives from their phone, tablet or computer.


"LRT is always looking for innovative solutions - today, we present to the viewers the opportunity to choose their desired camera angle to watch the "Žalgiris" match. Basketball fans have voiced that they would like to watch games from multiple angles - this is exactly the opportunity we will give our viewers, who will not miss any of the important moments."

- Ričardas Baltaduonis


Lithuanian National Radio and Television will be utilizing on-site Phenix encoders to seamlessly compress and transmit video footage to the Phenix Cloud. This cloud-based platform is supported by a private video delivery network, which has more Points of Presence than other real-time video delivery platform, and was purpose-built from the ground-up to achieve scale without sacrificing speed or quality.  Once the video reaches the Phenix Cloud, it's effortlessly distributed to viewers through the Multi-Angle Viewing Experience.

LRT workflow


While their implementation currently plays audio from the primary channel across all videos, Phenix offers a diverse range of audio options that can be tailored to suit various implementation configurations. This ensures that viewers can enjoy the ultimate audiovisual experience, tailored to their preferences.

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