Enhancing Real-Time Video Delivery with Phenix and Osprey Video

In our ongoing efforts to make real-time video delivery accessible to a wide range of organizations, we're excited to enhance our signal acquisition capabilities and expand the reach of Phenix's real-time video delivery platform with our partnership with Osprey Video.

Renowned for its ability to ingest raw video and seamlessly convert it into a compressed digital format, Osprey Video will play a vital role as the entry point for real-time video delivery.

"Phenix's technology stands out for being built on the WebRTC streaming protocol with significant enhancements like real-time transcoding for ABR delivery, broadcast scale, and global synchronization. By teaming up with Osprey Video, we can streamline the signal acquisition process for broadcasters, enabling them to deliver streams to large global audiences in real-time with ease," says Bill Wishon, Chief Product Officer at Phenix.

Osprey Video

Osprey Video Encoders are versatile and platform-agnostic, serving as a seamless connection to platforms like Phenix. With installations in operation centers, control rooms, or connected to cameras, these encoders support SDI or HDMI sources up to true 4K resolutions with less than 25ms latency, making them a perfect fit for Phenix's real-time platform.

Osprey Video offers a diverse range of video tools, constantly evolving to meet the demands of today's decentralized productions. Their latest support for a universal WHIP endpoint complements their existing WHIP publishing support, which is tailored to specific platforms. Phenix is among the WHIP endpoints benefiting from Osprey Video's new universal WHIP output.

By joining forces with Osprey, Phenix broadens its ingest flexibility by accepting a variety of streaming protocols, making sub half-second latency more accessible to broadcast-scale audiences. After receiving these streams, Phenix delivers them to millions of concurrent viewers in real-time and synchronized across all devices, ensuring maximum quality, reliability, and security.

"The Phenix platform is uniquely qualified to take advantage of the frame-level latency of our Talon encoders, as well as other encoder features such as support for SCTE markers. The combination of Osprey Video Encoders and Phenix offers a compelling solution for broadcasters.” Scott Whitcomb – Osprey Video

Phenix Real-Time Solutions

With Phenix as a partner, Osprey Video now provides a comprehensive solution for real-time video delivery through Phenix's private network of 34 global points of presence. Coupled with broadcast features like SCTE, Osprey Video's offering aligns well with Phenix's recent launch of real-time SSAI and DRM capabilities, creating a compelling solution for broadcast-level clients.

Osprey Video's Talon encoders are the ideal choice for delivering real-time content to Phenix for global distribution in under half a second.

In addition to WHIP, users can publish content to Phenix using SRT or RTMP with Osprey Video's Talon encoders. Whether using WHIP, RTMP, or SRT, streaming from Osprey Video encoders to Phenix ensures synchronized and real-time delivery to broadcast-sized audiences worldwide.